Energy Maintenance Course!

5 Classes Online.


Investment  $197 AUD


Valued at $997 AUD


Learn to master and transform your own energy and the energy of your space. If you are a empath or therapist, or working with clients one on one or in groups, If you are sensitive to other peoples energy or are simply aware that your energy is getting effected or drained some how, then this course is for you. 


In these 5 classes you'll be educated and shown how our energy systems work, how our energy can be effected with our body, life and surroundings. Working with or simply being around other people can sometimes take it's toll on us energetically if we are not maintaining or controlling the energy within ourselves and our space.

What you will learn, will allow you to feel confident with your own energy levels, feel strong and self-supported. Your new knowledge and energy can assist you to tap into your inner compass for sacred divine energy, clarity and guidance. Keeping your energy and space clear allows you to make space for attracting your true desires and assists in manifesting and creating a life of design.


It will be a complete game changer for you.

It’s time to CLEAR, CREATE and CONQUER !



What you will recieve...

  • 5 x Master Classes

    The 5 Class Journey

    5 x Master classes online learning of...


    • Getting to know your Chakras 

    • Aura Energy 

    • Clearing energy

    • Transforming energy

    • Designing energy

    • Creating and working with energy

    • Protection

    • Prevention

    • Rituals and Maintenance 

    • Prac and discussion. Q & A

  • 5 x Class PDF notes

    All information listed above is put into PDF note format for your reference with diagrams and extra information.

  • facebook support group

    Facebook group support, asking questions, sharing  and meeting like minded souls is a great way to enhance your learnings. This group is free for you to join upon purchace.

$197 AUD     Valued at $997 AUD

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