What you will recieve...

  • 8 x 1.5 - 2 hrs classes

    The 8 Class Journey

    8 x 1.5-2 hour video series learning...


    • Preparation and initiation of sacred self and space and your oracle cards

    • Dark and light ; Ego and Higher self 

    • Setting up and clearing your sacred space

    • Meditations & Mantras for intuitive growth and personal power

    • Meditations for grounding, connecting and protecting

    • Clearing and protection techniques

    • Self healing and self care

    • Psychic etiquette. The do's and dont’s of giving a reading

    • Tuning into colour messages, gestures, symbols and outside influences

    • What are your psychic senses?  What’s your master sense?

    • How to ask the right questions for the clearest answers

    • Prac with 1 card readings

    • Prac with 3 card readings

    • Getting the most information out of your cards

    • Angelology

    • Connecting with your spirit guides and higher self

    • Reading Procedure and protocol

    • Jumping cards; picking cards; layouts

    • Prac 5 card readings

    • 1 Year card projection layouts

    • Oracle card reading layouts varieties and creating your own

    • Prac with a variety of questions and layouts

    • Cross referencing

    • Prac and discussion. Q & A

  • 8 x Class PDF notes

    All information listed above is put into PDF note format for your reference with diagrams and extra information.

  • facebook support group

    Facebook group support, asking questions, sharing  and meeting like minded souls is a great way to enhance your learnings. This group is free for you to join upon purchace.

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